About Us

Our Mission

The Family Impact Fund provides tuition assistance to children from low-income families for high-quality early education and child care, helping parents to maximize their employment or continue their education.

Our Vision

Access to high-quality early education and child care interrupts the cycle of poverty, empowering two generations at a time. Parents realize financial sustainability and children are prepared for kindergarten, positioning families for a lifetime of success.

Our Program

Family Impact Fund encourages low-income parents to work the extra hours, accept the job promotions and take the raises, without the fear of losing their government funded child care subsidy at 200% Federal Poverty Level which would have a devastating impact on their family's already tight and tenuous budget.

For example: If a parent accepts a small $0.25/hour raise ($43/month; $520/year) which positions their income over the child care "benefits cliff" (200% Federal Poverty Level) and causes them to lose their child care subsidy, their child care costs would escalate dramatically from an estimated $425 to $1,200 per month - increasing child care costs from 10% within a family's budget to almost 30%.

Family Impact Fund is committed to meet this challenge by continuing to fund child care costs over this "benefits cliff" - between 200% - 300% Federal Poverty Level, at enrollment or after the child care subsidy graduated phase-out period is exhausted. This "bridge" will provide a viable path for families to continue working toward self-sufficiency and experiencing upward economic mobility.

Family Impact Fund is collaborating with Child Care Resources, Inc. to administer this program effectively and efficiently. Together, we will provide hope and opportunity for these children, parents and families…and our community.

Our Staff

Ann Barnes Robertson

Executive Director

Family Impact Fund
601 East Fifth Street, Suite #330-D
Charlotte, NC 28202

Board of Directors

  • Linda Ibsen (Chair)
  • C. T. Anderson
  • Anna Stiegel Glass
  • Landrum Henderson
  • Karen Knoble
  • Ryan Leak
  • Pearson Pendergrass
  • Matthew Tilley
  • Charles Watson
  • Caroline McGuire Winslett