Our Mission

The Family Impact Fund provides tuition assistance to children from low-income families for high-quality early education and child care, helping parents to maximize their employment or continue their education.



As there is limited government funding allocated toward child care subsidies for Charlotte each year, there is a perpetual waiting list - 1,567 children as of 8-2-18. Hence, parents who need to work aren’t securing employment, parents who need to attend school aren’t completing their degrees and children who need child care aren’t learning at an optimal level during the critical early developmental years.



Family Impact Fund’s Board of Directors is committed to provide access for economically disadvantaged children (birth - pre-k) to experience high-quality (4 and 5 star-rated facilities), full-day/year-round education and child care which will positively impact their school readiness. This allows their parents to work full-time, advance in their jobs and/or continue their education.

The Update

Family Impact Fund featured in The Charlotte Observer

Our thanks to The Charlotte Observer and Ann Doss Helms for telling the story of our exciting beginning as a fund dedicated to supporting low-income children as their families move upward professionally.

Save the date for the 4th Annual Charlotte Heptathlon

Save the date for the 4th Annual Charlotte Heptathlon: Saturday, May 18, 2019.